Dae-Jin Jung

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The authors report the case of a 52-year-old man who had undergone resection of an ossified posterior longitudinal ligament via the anterior approach. The patient experienced postoperative neurological deterioration that may have been caused by a massive cord herniation associated with a dural defect at the corpectomy site. Spinal cord herniation may(More)
Bio-cryptographic systems provide security by securing a cryptographic key with biometric data. To secure the cryptographic key, biometric data should be significantly consistent. However, the uncertainty of biometrics makes it complicated to achieve highly accurate authentication. In this paper, we propose a novel bio-cryptographic authentication scheme(More)
Digital watermarking is one of the most fundamental techniques to protect copyright of digital contents. However, many watermarking systems are still weak against resampling attacks. In this paper, we propose a reinforcement scheme to complement conventional image watermarking systems by analyzing the periodic property of the interpolation. We first(More)
With advances in digital camcorders, re-capturing commercial videos called camcorder theft is getting a big problem. In this paper, we propose an automatic detection method for re-captured videos based on the photo response non-uniformity (PRNU). To discern a re-captured video, a given video is divided into shots first. Several usable shots are selected and(More)
Illegal distribution of user-generated pornography (UGP) videos raises lots of negative aspects associated with the digital contents. This paper proposes a first forensic technique to detect UGP video. To discriminate UGP videos, we exploit shot based sensor pattern noise (SPN) from an image under investigation. By thresholding average peakto-correlation(More)
With the advances in digital video technology, it is becoming easier to forge the digital video without introducing any artificial visual trace. The temporal domain of the digital videos is one of the main targets of video tampering, and video frame-rate conversion is one of the common operations for temporal video tampering such as temporal splicing and(More)
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