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Cytolytic hemolysin, a gene product of vvhA, is a putative virulence factor of the pathogenic bacterium Vibrio vulnificus. We have previously shown that hemolysin production is repressed by adding glucose to culture media and that production can be restored by adding cAMP. In this study, hemolysin activity and the level of vvh transcript were determined to(More)
The pear cultivar ‘Osa-Nijisseiki’ (S2Ssm 4; sm = stylar-part mutant) has been used as a parent to breed self-compatible cultivars that produce excellent fruits. However, determination of the self-compatibility of ‘Osa-Nijisseiki’ offspring requires a lot of time, 6 years or more, by conventional cross breeding. We have designed a rapid reliable method for(More)
We found that the red tide dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi (Gymnodinium mikimotoi) generates reactive oxygen species (ROS). In chemiluminescence analysis using an O2- specific probe, a slightly lower but significant level of O2- was detected in a K. mikimotoi cell suspension as compared to one containing Chattonella marina, a well-known ROS-producing red(More)
A printing-based lithographic technique for the patterning of V(2)O(5) nanowire channels with unidirectional orientation and controlled length is introduced. The simple, directional blowing of a patterned polymer stamp with N(2) gas, inked with randomly distributed V(2)O(5) nanowires, induces alignment of the nanowires perpendicular to the long axis of the(More)
We demonstrate streaming applications of the Altibase Data Stream Middleware (DSM), the distributed Stream Processing Engine using the Publish/Subscribe Communication Model. Altibase DSM has the Cached Table that is a key-value store supporting not only insert but also update and delete operations. The demos include the Sex-offender Tracking and Bus Arrival(More)
Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex is developing a single-ended electrostatic ion accelerator to irradiate gaseous ions, such as hydrogen and nitrogen, on materials for industrial applications. ELV type high voltage power supply has been selected. Because of the limited space, electrical power, and robust operation, a 200 MHz RF ion source has been(More)
A 2.45 GHz microwave ion source for ion implanters has many good properties for industrial application, such as easy maintenance and long lifetime, and it should be compact for budget and space. But, it has a dc current supply for the solenoid and a rf generator for plasma generation. Usually, they are located on high voltage platform because they are(More)
We report on the facile patterning of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) layers onto SiO2 substrates via microcontact printing combined with the simplified Langmuir-Schaefer (LS) technique. Langmuir film of PMMA was formed just by dropping a dilute PMMA solution onto the air/water surface in a glass Petri dish via self-assembly, and it was used as an ink for(More)
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