Dae-Hyeok Kim

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In order to increase the operating speed of a CMOS image sensor (CIS), a new technique of digital correlated double sampling (CDS) is described. In general, the fixed pattern noise (FPN) of a CIS has been reduced with the subtraction algorithm between the reset signal and pixel signal. This is because a single-slope analog-to-digital converter (ADC) has(More)
[Purpose] Proper pedaling posture can improve muscle strength and cardiopulmonary function. To investigate proper pedaling posture for the elderly, this study compared the pedaling efficiency of the elderly with that of the young by using an index of effectiveness (IE) and kinematic results. [Subjects and Methods] Eight adults in their twenties and eight in(More)
[Purpose] This study aimed to determine appropriate measures for assessing balance ability according to difficulty level during standing tasks. [Subjects and Methods] The subjects were 56 old (>65 years) and 30 young (20-30 years) adults. By using the Berg balance scale, the subjects were divided into three groups: 29 healthy older (Berg score≥52), 27(More)
[Purpose] In this study, a program was developed for leg-strengthening exercises and balance assessment using Microsoft Kinect. [Subjects and Methods] The program consists of three leg-strengthening exercises (knee flexion, hip flexion, and hip extension) and the one-leg standing test (OLST). The program recognizes the correct exercise posture by comparison(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to evaluate the changes in body stability of the elderly while walking on even surface ground under low light. [Subjects] Ten young males and ten elderly males participated in this experiment. [Methods] Each subject walked along a 7 m walkway five times at their preferred walking speed under normal (>300 lux, NORM)(More)
In this study, the accuracy of the inputs required for finite element analysis, which is mainly used for the biomechanical analysis of bones, was improved. To ensure a muscle force and joint contact force similar to the actual values, a musculoskeletal model that was based on the actual gait experiment was used. Gait data were obtained from a healthy male(More)
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