Dae-Hwan Hwang

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This paper describes a real-time stereo depth measurement image processing system. This system uses Xilinx Virtex-II Series XC2V3000 FPGA and generates 8-bit sub-pixel disparities on 640 by 480 resolution images at video rate (60 frames/sec) with maximum disparity ranges of up to 128 pixels. The implemented stereo matching algorithm finds a minimum of(More)
Stereo vision systems have been researched for decades and constitute the traditional method for extracting three-dimensional (3D) real-time depth information from images using sensors. However, passive stereo vision systems show a significant error in processing untextured regions, which are frequent in indoor environments. Also, modifications for(More)
This paper presents algorithms for the real-time object segmentation of the noisy disparity map obtained by stereo matching algorithm and its verification test using hardware architectures. The disparity map contains lots of noise from various causes, and it has to be refined by some noise filtering methods to make it useful for the object segmentation.(More)
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