Dae-Hee Park

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Real-time monitoring of water quality for sewer system is required for efficient sewer network design because it provides information on the precise loading of pollutant to wastewater treatment facilities and the impact of loading on receiving water. In this study, synchronous fluorescence spectra and its first derivatives were investigated using a number(More)
Chrysophanol is a member of the anthraquinone family and has multiple pharmacological effects, but the exact mechanism of the anti-inflammatory effects of chrysophanol has yet to be thoroughly elucidated. In this study, we attempted to determine the effects of chrysophanol on dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)-induced colitis and lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced(More)
Spectroscopic and chromatographic changes in dissolved organic matter (DOM) characteristics of influent and treated sewage were investigated for a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with a biological advanced process. Refractory DOM (R-DOM) was defined as the dissolved organic carbon concentrations of the samples after 28-day incubation for this study.(More)
A smart LED lighting system is designed and implemented using a multi-sensor module and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology. In order to monitor the environmental information such as ambient light intensity, temperature, and/or activity of human or other objects, a multi-sensor module including an ambient light sensor, temperature sensor, and motion sensor(More)
The object of this study is to obtain the optimum mix proportion of halogen free compound with flame resistance and, for the purpose, thermal/electrical characteristics test are conducted using compatibilizing agents, flame resistance agents, hydroxide aluminum, sunscreen, antioxidant and silicon oil on the base resin of linear low density polyethylene(More)
To measure elastic properties and surface roughness of semi-conducting materials in power cable, we have investigated modulus and micro-structure of EVA/acetylene black composites that are showed by changing the content of acetylene black. The specimen was primarily kneaded in material samples of pellet form for 5 minutes on rollers of between 70[degC] and(More)
To improve mean-life and reliability of power cable, we have investigated specific heat and thermal conductivity of XLPE insulator and semiconducting materials in 154 kV XLPE cable. Specimens were respectively made of sheet form with EVA, EEA and EBA with carbon black 30 wt%, and the other was made of sheet form by cutting XLPE insulator in certain 154 kV(More)
To decrease and remove of many noises that are detected in PD (partial discharge) measuring test, we forced on detection of those. We made W-LC filter for measuring PD, which adapted that to field test. We tested after design laboratory circumstances like field line, and then the phase change properties of detected signal in UHF sensor were measured by(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Saengmaeksan (SMS) is a Korean herbal prescription consisting of three different herbal drugs: Liriopis Tuber (tuber of Liriope platyphylla, Liliaceae), Ginseng Radix (root of Panax ginseng) and Schisandrae Fructus (fruit of Schisandra chinensis). SMS is commonly used in Korea to treat various diseases that involve the respiratory(More)
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