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High-performance and cost-effective rechargeable batteries are key to the success of electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage systems. Extensive research has focused on the development of (i) new high-energy electrodes that can store more lithium or (ii) high-power nano-structured electrodes hybridized with carbonaceous materials. However, the(More)
Recently, image processing has been commonly applied to various parts of the vehicle industry. In particular, the use of vehicle cameras gives the driver clear view for occluded regions to the front or rear of the vehicle. However, images from the camera have low visibility at night due to the lack of ambient illumination. To enhance the visibility of(More)
In order to acquire images in low-light environments, it is usually necessary to adopt long exposure times or resort to flash lights. However, flahses often induce color distortion, cause the red-eye effect and can be disturbing to subjects. On the other hand, long-exposure shots are susceptible to subject-motion, as well as motion-blur due to camera shake(More)
SUMMARY In digital cinema, an image goes through many types of processes like scanning, mastering, and digital intermediate. Among them, the digital intermediate process plays a central role because it determines the final color of an image. It edits and changes the colors of the images. However, some color distortions such as color bleeding are generated(More)
— In a color image, people and especially facial patterns are important and interesting visual objects. Thus, effective skin color reproduction is essential, as skin color is a key memory color in color application systems. Previous studies suggested skin color reproduction by mapping only to the center value of preferred skin region. However, it is not(More)