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Osteopontin (OPN) is a predominantly secreted extracellular matrix glycophosphoprotein which binds to alpha v-containing integrins and has an important role in malignant cell attachment and invasion. High OPN expression in the primary tumor is associated with early metastasis and poor outcome in human breast and other cancers. Forced OPN overexpression in(More)
Osteopontin that associates with metabolism of calcium is one of the important factors in the development and prognosis of human breast cancer. The aim of this study was to detect potential binding partners of osteopontin to illustrate its functional mechanism. By screening a human breast cDNA library with a bacterial two-hybrid system, apolipoprotein D was(More)
Osteopontin is a secreted, integrin-binding and phosphorylated acidic glycoprotein, which has an important role in tumour progression. We have shown that Wnt, Ets, AP-1, c-jun and β-catenin/Lef-1/Tcf-1 stimulates OPN transcription in rat mammary carcinoma cells by binding to a specific promoter sequence. However, co-repressors of OPN have not been(More)
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