Dachi Yang

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We present a method to move and control drops of water on superhydrophobic surfaces using magnetic fields. Small water drops ͑volume of 5 – 35 ␮l͒ that contain fractions of paramagnetic particles as low as 0.1% in weight can be moved at relatively high speed ͑7 cm/s͒ by displacing a permanent magnet placed below the surface. Coalescence of two drops has(More)
A novel and convenient one-pot electrodeposition approach has been developed for precisely controlled fabrication of large-scale Bi-Ni nanowire and nanocable arrays. Using porous anodic aluminum oxide as a shape-directing template, by simply changing the electrochemical deposition mode, desired Bi-Ni hybrid nanowires and Bi-Ni core-shell nanocables have(More)
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