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[On origin of Oviductus Ranae in Chinese Pharmacopoeia].
The original animal sources of Oviduetus Ranae is Rana dybowskii, its order element is an effective species in China and author suggests that R. dybowskyi should be the original animal of O VIDUetus RANAe. Expand
[Determination of cholesteryl palmitate in Oviductus Ranae by HPLC].
The results showed that the HPLC method developed for the determination of cholesteryl palmitate in Oviductus Ranae was reliable and accurate. Expand
[Regionalization study of Dioscorea nipponica in Jilin province based on MaxEnt and ArcGIS].
At the urgent practical issue of resource protection and artificial cultivation area selection of Dioscorea nipponica, the dominant environmental factors affecting the distribution of D. nipponicainExpand
[Study on the origin of Rana temporaria for quality Oviduetus Ranae].
The original Shange recorded in the works of Chinese meteria medica is R. temporaria chensinensis, which is the independent species, not one of species of European forest frogs. Expand
Baohuoside I Inhibits the Proliferation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells via Apoptosis Signaling and NF‐kB Pathway
Baohuoside I is a novel candidate drug and opens new possibilities of clinical strategies for HCC treatment by significantly inhibited the proliferation of QGY7703 cells by inducing apoptosis and downregulating NF‐κB signaling pathway. Expand
[Investigation and analysis of influence of geographical environment factors on spatial distribution of flavonoid of Epimedium koreanum].
The results of this study showed that the main environmental factors, such as precipitation, annual precipitation variation coefficient,annual average temperature and clay content exhibited the greatest influence on the growth suitability of Ek. Expand
[Quality evaluation on eighteen samples of forest frog's oviduct from different habitat of northeast China].
The germplasm of this species is stable and was similar to the chemical constituent in Forest frog's oviduct from different habitiat of northeast China. Expand
[The studies on the chemical components of trutleback].
The two compounds were separated and identified as hexadecanoyl cholesterol ester and cholesterol and are isolated from turtleback for the first time. Expand
[Study on GLI values of Polygonatum odoratum base on multi-temporal of unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing].
The research shows that UAV and vegetation index can be applied to monitoring the Chinese herbal medicine planting, and provides a new idea for exploring more effective information extraction methods of Chinese herbal medicines. Expand