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It is always a hard work to optimize the parameters of auto disturbance rejection controller (ADRC) because of its too many parameters. An optimization method for designing the submarine course ADRC based on the Nonlinear Control Design (NCD) block set of Matlab was proposed. The chief algorithm of ADRC and characters of the NCD block set were referred in(More)
Simulation training system can improve the trainer's ability, a rapid response and safety operating capability in the operation of real ship, to reduce operation accident of sailing. Intelligent examination scoring system uses the professional theory and practical experience as the evaluation criteria, and analyzes the operator's operation process to(More)
For the problem of coupling in the variable speed refrigeration system, this paper proposes a dynamic feed forward decoupling control method Based on active disturbance rejection control (ADRC). Influence of the compressor frequency was regarded as disturbance of superheat control system, the variable speed compressor and electronic expansion valve ADRC(More)
In modern warship, many advanced power devices are equipped and they are generally complicated in operation. Work conditions of warship are numerous and variable, so it is very difficult to analyze the characteristic of its power devices. Models of main devices in some electrical propulsion warship are created, and simulation research is processed in(More)
In the domain of industry control, PID control is the basic algorithm, which has been used for a long time because of its simple structure, easy realization and many other virtues. For many simple control objects, PID control could easily achieve perfect effect, but for some complex object the effect is not so perfect. The submarine maneuver control system(More)
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