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Cloud computing is emerging as a promising paradigm for large-scale data-intensive queries modeled as complex Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-structured dataflows with arbitrary data operators as nodes and producer-consumer interactions as directed edges. The optimization problem of scheduling dataflows on the Cloud is a very complex and challenging task which(More)
Recently, wireless sensor network has been widely used in many sensing applications. In these applications, skyline cube, as an important operator for data analysis, plays a more and more important role. Though skyline cube computation has been well studied in traditional database literature, the existing approaches are not directly applicable to sensor(More)
XML has emerged as a popular formatting and exchanging language for nearly all kinds of data, including scientific data. Efficient query processing in XML databases is of great importance for numerous applications. Trees or twigs are the core structural elements in XML data and queries. Recently, a holistic computing approach has been proposed for extended(More)
Grids enable sharing, selection and aggregation of geographically distributed resources among various organizations. They are emerging as promising computing paradigms for resource and compute-intensive scientific workflow applications modeled as Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) with intricate inter-task dependencies. With the growing popularity of real-time(More)
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