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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to apply computational modeling tools to assist in the design of titanium dental castings. The tools developed should incorporate state-of-the-art micromodels to predict the depth to which the mechanical properties of the crown are affected by contamination from the mold. The model should also be validated by(More)
High performance, cast aluminum automotive wheels are increasingly being incrementally formed via flow forming/metal spinning at elevated temperatures to improve material properties. With a wide array of processing parameters which can affect both the shape attained and resulting material properties, this type of processing is notoriously difficult to(More)
Analytical solution of the tooling/workpiece contact interface shape during a flow forming operation. Available online xxx Keywords: Flow forming Metal forming Physical modelling Contact interface Analytical model a b s t r a c t Flow forming involves complicated tooling/workpiece interactions. Purely analytical models of the tool contact area are difficult(More)
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