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This paper addresses an ab-initio field investigation around using low-cost portable radars to capture coherent Doppler signatures of wind turbines for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications. A handheld low-cost K-band radar sensor is employed to point at the blades of a turbine, and their Doppler signatures from different angles and distances are(More)
INTRODUCTION This study examines how changes in emotional closeness and exchanges of support among family members after Hurricane Sandy affected residents' psychological outcomes both positively and negatively. METHODS The working sample included 130 family ties reported by 85 respondents recruited from community and shelter residents on Staten Island(More)
Satellite hyperspectral imagery has been widely used in geological and agricultural studies. However, its use for an urban environment is limited due to low spatial resolution. Few methods in the literature attempt to use both spectral and spatial information in hyperspectral imagery. In this paper, a new method of performing spectral correlation and(More)
Understanding of the recovery phase of a disaster cycle is still in its infancy. Recent major disasters such as Hurricane Sandy have revealed the inability of existing policies and planning to promptly restore infrastructure, residential properties, and commercial activities in affected communities. In this setting, a thorough grasp of housing recovery(More)
While remote detection of oil spills is well-studied, very little success has been reported in estimation of thickness and aging of oil slicks. In this case study, spectral signatures (350 nm - 2400 nm) of oil samples of 5 different thicknesses on saltwater were measured regularly for 2 months. Changes in spectral behaviors were observed over time. Based on(More)
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