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—To improve the performance of IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN, a novel contention aware adaptive contention window scheme is proposed in this paper. Compared with the Binary Exponential Backoff algorithm defined in standard, our scheme can determine the contention window based on the collision status rapidly and the collision probability can be reduced(More)
The available bandwidth information is important to the admission control, channel scheduling and other schemes; moreover, it is an important parameter to evaluate the quality of service in Mobile Ad Hoc network. With analysis of the difference between bandwidth estimation scheme in wired network and wireless network, the available bandwidth in Mobile Ad(More)
Fault localization is an important issue in all-optical networks. Considered with the accurate and fast multi-link failures localization for multi-domain all-optical networks, we propose an effective localization mechanism based on the limited perimeter vector match (LVM) protocol. The inter-domain multi-link failures are located according to the alarm and(More)
Recently the disconnected Delay-Tolerant Network (DTN) draws more and more attention.It is different from the traditional Ad-hoc and MANET. In DTN the disconnected nature and lack of end to end connectivity between nodes mean that the nodes communicate by the way of store-carry-forward. Therefore, it was rencently been recognized that mobility can be turn(More)
Based on Active Remote Node, a new scheduling mechanism is proposed in this paper, where multiple ONU can send upstream traffic simultaneously. This new mechanism divides ONU upstream traffic into two categories. As the timing of the two categories in different subnets can be overlapping, the upstream traffic can be transmitted with the parallel manner in(More)
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