Da-ming Shen

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AIM To observe the therapeutic efficacy of high-dose Vitamin C (Vit. C) on acute pancreatitis (AP), and to explore its potential mechanisms. METHODS Eighty-four AP patients were divided into treatment group and control group, 40 healthy subjects were taken as a normal group. In the treatment group, Vit. C (10 g/day) was given intravenously for 5 days,(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the clinical values of detecting drug related molecules excision repair cross complementing 1 (ERCC1) and top-isomerase I (TOPO I) in individualized therapies of metastatic colorectal cancer. METHODS From June 2009 to December 2011, 90 patients at Huadong Hospital with metastatic colorectal cancer were randomly separated into 2 groups(More)
SUMOylation is a post-translational modification exerted various effects on the target proteins. SUMOylation is a highly dynamic and reversible process, which has been shown to play an important role in tumorigenesis. However, the roles of sentrin/SUMO-specific proteases (SENPs), which mediate the reverse process of SUMOylation, in tumorigenesis remains(More)
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