Da-Zhou Peng

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The absolute stability of uncertain Lurie indirect control systems with multiple time-varying delays is investigated. Time delays are bounded, and derivatives of time-varying delays are less than one. Moreover, all admissible time-varying parametric uncertainties are norm bounded. Then some new sufficient conditions are obtained in terms of(More)
In this paper, a delay-independent sufficient condition for stability of linear uncertain systems with multiple delays is established. A new stability criterion is obtained based on the related theory of spectral radius and modulus matrix by the frequency domain method. The results are presented based on the assumption that system matrix A is a Hurwitz one(More)
The regional, stability for large-scale interconnected linear system with delays is studied in this paper by analyzing the distribution of the roots of their transcendental characteristic equations and using LMT technology, and the corresponding stability criterion is obtained. Being different from common results, the stability condition not only ensures(More)
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