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Based on some practical engineering problems arising from process control and space-structure control, this paper studies a class of hybrid dynamic systems in which N plants are controlled by a central controller in sharing time manner, where the plants are described by differential equations and the controller works according to the mechanism of discrete(More)
—In this paper, the reachability and stabilization issues are addressed for switched linear control systems. A necessary condition and a sufficient condition are presented for reachability. Under mild assumptions, we prove that the switched linear control systems are stabilizable. In addition, we show that an event-driven switching stabilization strategy(More)
—System splitting problem (SS problem) is to determine proper splitting points (or called splitting strategies) to split the entire interconnected transmission network into islands ensuring generation/load balance and satisfaction of transmission capacity constraints when islanding operation of system is unavoidable. For a large-scale power system, its SS(More)
—System splitting, also called controlled system islanding, can effectively prevent blackouts. Following the OBDD-based three-phase method given in [3] for proper splitting strategies, which satisfy necessary steady-state constraints, this paper studies the feasibility of the proper splitting strategies by means of power system transient simulations on the(More)
of Abstract-A simultaneous finite-and infinite-zero assignment problem via sensor selection for linear multivariable systems is proposed. By sensor selection we mean an appropriate choice of the output matrix C. Here, by utilizing the well-known Bumovsky canonical form for a linear system characterized by the matrix pair (A, B), we obtain an explicit(More)