Da-Zhe Zhao

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In this paper, authors study using SIFT feature for medical image retrieval. Under bag-of-words framework, this paper study different methods forming visual words from local SIFT feature, and show good choice for medical image retrieval, in different condition. Through experimentation on different body parts, rotation and scale, the methods show different(More)
In lung cancer computer-aided detection/diagnosis (CAD) systems, classification of regions of interest (ROI) is often used to detect/diagnose lung nodule accurately. However, problems of unbalanced datasets often have detrimental effects on the performance of classification. In this paper, both minority and majority classes are resampled to increase the(More)
Medical image understanding is a computing process of object recognition in medical image using computer vision, applied mathematics, signal analysis and artificial intelligence. This paper provides a medical image understanding process definition language (MPDL) which aims at solving the problem of object recognition in medical image and satisfying the(More)
Chan-Vese's image segmentation method proposed based on level sets method is studied and improved in this paper. A new level set method has been presented, which combines the average values of global regions and local boundary information, and it is used for lung nodules detection for CT images. The experiment results verify that it is a robust way for the(More)
In this paper, authors propose a new two-step medical image retrieval method which combines co-occurrence matrix texture feature and gradient phase mutual information(GP_MI). The new method provides fast retrieval respond speed while achieves high precision and good robustness in retrieval process. Experimental results show that the algorithm has potential(More)
Although medical image segmentation is very important in the clinical application, how to obtain an accurate and quickly image segmentation is a difficulty to overcome because the distribution of gray is asymmetric and the number of the date is large. Basing the distance field, an algorithm of nonlinear image interpolation segmentation is presented.(More)
A text information extraction strategy for medical imaging diagnostic report is proposed in this paper. The knowledge used by this strategy is represented as base-element and composite-element. Under the control of knowledge base, diagnostic reports would be transformed into structured information. The strategy makes full use of the extensibility of(More)
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