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This paper develops a discrete operation optimization model for combined heat and powers (CHPs) in deregulated energy markets to maximize owners’ profits, where energy price forecasting is included. First, a single input and multi-output (SIMO) model for typical CHPs is established, considering the varying ratio between heat and electricity outputs at(More)
A heterogeneous-aware cooperative MIMO transmission scheme (HAMS) is proposed to optimize the network lifetime and save energy for energy heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (WSN). This scheme extends the traditional low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) protocol to enable the cooperative MIMO transmission between the sink and clusters.(More)
In array signal processing, the performance of parameter estimation is effected by the unknown nonuniform perturbations on the sensors of receiver array. In this work, the problem of passive localization of near-field sources with partly calibrated subarray-based array is studied. Rank reduction (RARE) is extended to its 2-Dimensional version to solve this(More)
In subband adaptive signal processing, the performance of system is seriously disturbed by the aliasing in-band introduced by decimator, which comes from the none-ideal of analysis filter banks. In this paper a novel method called DFTSD (Discrete Fourier Transform Subband Decomposition) is proposed for signal decomposition in frequency domain, in which(More)
A stochastic optimal power flow (S-OPF) model considering uncertainties of load and wind power is developed based on chance constrained programming (CCP). The difficulties in solving the model are the nonlinearity and probabilistic constraints. In this paper, a limit relaxation approach and an iterative learning control (ILC) method are implemented to solve(More)
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) self-generated noise is the primary factor that affects the performance of passive flank array in the detection of weak signal, which is a complex mechanism and physics process, demonstrated broadband, colored spectral property in frequency and spatial domain. In practice, adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) is usually used.(More)
The number of wind farms is increasing worldwide and capacity of variable-speed wind turbines has been increased significantly. This has raised wide concern over the power quality, especially harmonic current emissions of variable speed wind turbines. However, the current IEC standard does not have corresponding coping methods, including measurement and(More)
-A new control method for single-phase shunt active power filter (APF) is proposed. It integrates the DC bus voltage control and active power filter command current generation, according to the periodicity of source current and energy balance concept. The instantaneous harmonic compensation and linear DC bus voltage control are achieved, without complicated(More)