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Two M5.1 and M15.2 B complex congenic lines of Fayoumi chickens were evaluated for body weight loss and faecal oocyst counts as parameters of avian coccidiosis. M5.1 chickens exhibited resistance to E. maxima compared with M15.2. To correlate the differential responses of the M5.1 and M15.2 lines to E. maxima infection with cellular immune responses, the(More)
BACKGROUNDS In the present study, we aimed to examine the anti-aging properties of human placental hydrolysate (HPE) and dieckol (DE) from Ecklonia cava against free radical scavenging, muscle hypertrophy-related follistatin mRNA expression, amelioration of cognition-related genes and proteins, inhibition of collagenase-regulating genes, and elastinase(More)
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