Da W. Zhang

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We report full ab initio Hartree-Fock calculation to compute quantum mechanical interaction energies for beta-trypsin/benzamidine binding complex. In this study, the full quantum mechanical ab initio energy calculation for the entire protein complex with 3238 atoms is made possible by using a recently developed MFCC (molecular fractionation with conjugate(More)
We present a quantum mechanical approach to study protein-ligand binding structure with application to a Adipocyte lipid-binding protein complexed with Propanoic Acid. The present approach employs a recently develop molecular fractionation with a conjugate caps (MFCC) method to compute protein-ligand interaction energy and performs energy optimization using(More)
We present a systematic study of numerical accuracy of various forms of molecular caps that are employed in a recently developed molecular fractionation scheme for full quantum mechanical computation of protein-molecule interaction energy. A previously studied pentapeptide (Gly-Ser-Ala-Asp-Val) or P5 interacting with a water molecule is used as a benchmark(More)
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