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In this paper, we present a new approach to color recognition which is used in semi-autonomous robot soccer. Firstly, the new illumination invariant color space is defined based on the dichromatic reflection model. Secondly, we determine the most discriminating color model among a multidimensional set of color models by means of the genetic algorithm.(More)
This paper introduces the basic components of submersible temperature logger system and the relationships between the various modules. According to the principle of low power, a Single Chip Microcomputer with idle mode and stop mode is necessary. Through the analysis of the temperature measurement and the data storage, the optimal strategy for power(More)
The color feature recognition of the object is used in Semi-autonomous robot soccer system in FIRA. However, the color feature of the object changes when the illumination varies in the environment during the competition. In this paper, different color models are analyzed and compared, such as normalized rgb model, HS model, normalized yuv model etc. They(More)
According to the problem that pitching angle control of underwater glider is strongly influenced by wave and current, so we use the phase-lead compensator as a guide which can achieve the optimal control effect. This study aims to find one of the most suitable control methods for underwater glider to improve the effect of movement. Experiment shows that(More)
Underwater captured images suffer from quality degradation and blurring due to light absorption and scattering. Different color models combining with various preprocessing methods are used to overcome such problems, performing varying degrees of effect. Our goal is to analyze and evaluate the various color models in underwater images preprocessing. Three(More)
Target localization for soccer robot based on Omni-directional vision is considered. The vision system of the MT-R robot is described. For Omni-directional vision, the target is recognized from the image through the threshold value division method. The corresponding relationship of the target position between the image coordinate and the robot coordinate is(More)
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