Da-He Jiang

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Based on the full-length cDNA of BmalphaTX14 from Chinese scorpion Buthus martensii Karsch (BmK), gene of the mature peptide of BmalphaTX14 was cloned into the yeast expression vector pPIC9K. After transforming, screening and inducing, tricine-SDS-PAGE and Western blot proved that rBmalphaTX14 protein was expressed in the medium for up to 84 hours, getting(More)
Quox-1 is the only gene in the hox family whose expression occurs throughout the developing central nervous system. The differential expression of the Quox-1 gene was studied in normal human tissues and tumor tissues. Marked expression of Quox-1 was detected in early human embryos, LCE cells, and HeLa cells, with weak to zero expression being detected in(More)
Scorpion venoms contain different types of low molecular mass toxic peptides acting on ion channels. Many cDNAs and genomic genes encoding these toxins have been isolated and sequenced while the mechanisms of expression and regulation of scorpion toxins is not well studied yet. BmTXK beta, one of the four putative long-chain potassium channel toxins, is(More)
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