Da Feng

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BACKGROUND In the past three years, the Government of China initiated health reform with rural public health system construction to achieve equal access to public health services for rural residents. The study assessed trends of public health services accessibility in rural China from 2008 to 2010, as well as the current situation about the China's rural(More)
BACKGROUND Periodic physical examination is considered helpful in preventing illness and promoting health among the elderly. Limited information is available about the use of annual physical examinations among the elderly in rural areas, however. This research explores the distribution characteristics of annual physical examination use and its determinants(More)
Proactive attitude of hypertensive patients seeking follow-up services (FUS) lies at the core of self-efficacy. However, few evidence have shown the activeness of seeking FUS in the context of blood pressure control among hypertensive patients. Improvements in follow-up visits may not just by services itself cause better control of blood pressure among(More)
The quantum-to-classical transition is due to environment-induced decoherence, and it depicts how classical dynamics emerges from quantum systems. Previously, the quantum-to-classical transition has mainly been described with memory-less (Markovian) quantum processes. Here we study the complexity of the quantum-to-classical transition through general(More)
China has made great progress in malaria prevention and control, but there has been no research to provide a macroscopic overview of malaria research in China. This bibliometric analysis was conducted from international databases to explore the characteristics of malaria investigations in China. Published scientific papers about malaria were retrieved from(More)
Public malaria health promotion is an integral part of the national malaria elimination programme, which was launched by the Chinese government in 2010. However, the public awareness of malaria needs to improve. This study aims to explore the determinants of public awareness of malaria. A cross-sectional survey was conducted using stratified sampling method(More)
  • J C Walpe, B F Davis, S Naguleswaran, W Reviol, U Garg, Xing-Wang Pan +2 others
  • 2008
Lifetimes for the lowest three transitions in the nucleus 120 Xe have been measured using the Recoil Distance Technique. Our data indicate that the lifetime for the 2 + 1 → 0 + 1 transition is more than a factor of two lower than the previously adopted value and is in keeping with more recent measurements performed on this nucleus. The theoretical(More)