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Skin expansion is one of the major developments in reconstructive surgery. The use of tissue expansion has been popularized among plastic surgeons and has become the treatment method of choice for many congenital and acquired defects in a wide variety of diseases in adults and then later in children. The authors analyze their clinical experience in the(More)
Macrodystrophia lipomatosa (MDL) is a rare, congenital, developmental anomaly causing localized overgrowth of a digit(s) or extremity. Trigger wrist is a relatively rare entity, which may be caused by a mass originating from a tendon, an anomalous muscle or intracarpal pathologies. A 42-year-old male patient presented with triggering during active motion of(More)
In patients with moderate lower lid laxity, the lower orbicularis oculi muscle becomes atonic or ptotic. Hence, in such patient populations, with periorbital fractures, additional vertical support endorsement either by lateral canthopexy or orbicularis oculi muscle suspension flap must accompany plate and screw fixations. In this report, we shared our(More)
Objective: Plastic surgery is not confined to a specific organ system. As it can be performed along with other specialties, it is a custom to ask for the opinion of plastic surgeons in various situations. Under academic and medicolegal restrictions, professional opinions are demanded via “consultations.” Material and Methods: In this study, consultations in(More)
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