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The distribution of Ca2+ and Mg2+ among the ‘regulatory’ cation binding sites of troponin (T-sites) and the strong, Ca2+-Mg2+ binding sites of troponin and parvalbumins (P-sites) in the sarcoplasm of a muscle was calculated. At rest, 60% of the T-sites were metal free, while 92% of the P-sites were loaded with Mg2+. In response to a Ca2+ pulse,(More)
Computer simulation of the kinetics of the distribution of Ca between troponin, parvalbumin and the sarcoplasmic reticulum, during contraction and relaxation shows that parvalbumins can contribute significantly to the rate of relaxation and to the post contractile translocation of calcium. The binding of Ca to parvalbumin is an exothermic process which may(More)
On the basis of an extension of the literature lead 1, a series of benzimidazoles have been synthesized and shown to be angiotensin II (AII) receptor antagonists. The structure-activity relationships of these new antagonists have been explored and the key binding interactions defined. Molecular mechanics calculations were carried out on analogues of(More)