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BACKGROUND Nanoparticles (Ag NPs) have recently received much attention for their possible applications in biotechnology and biomedical. However, little is known about the toxicity in reproductive organs of animal model following exposure to nanoparticles. OBJECTIVE This study therefore, tried to examine the effects of nanoparticles with a diameter range(More)
To investigate the value of motor sensory differentiated nerve repair, we examined a group of 9 patients with motor sensory differentiated nerve repair and a group of 13 patients without motor sensory differentiated nerve repair. The clinical and electroneurographic findings were compared. For the clinical examination, Millesi's scoring system was used. The(More)
Since 1979 acetylcholinesterase has been used in clinical practice for motor sensory differentiation. It was first used for median and ulnar nerve injuries at the wrist. Recently the application was extended to secondary nerve repair, including plexus reconstruction. The aim of this study was to present, for the first time, clinical results of motor sensory(More)
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