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Magnetic nanoclusters have novel applications as magnetic sensors, spintronic and biomedical devices, as well as applications in more traditional materials such as high-density magnetic storage media and high performance permanent magnets. We describe a new synthesis protocol which combines the advantages of ion implantation and electron beam annealing(More)
We report the first instance of deposition of preferentially oriented, nanocrystalline, and nanocolumnar strontium-doped lead zirconate titanate (PSZT) ferroelectric thin films directly on thermal silicon dioxide. No intermediate seed or activation layers were used between PSZT and silicon dioxide. The deposited thin films have been characterised using a(More)
This article discusses the results of transmission electron microscopy (TEM)-based characterization of strontium-doped lead zirconate titanate (PSZT) thin films. The thin films were deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering at 300 degrees C on gold-coated silicon substrates, which used a 15 nm titanium adhesion layer between the 150 nm thick gold(More)
This article discusses the results of transmission electron microscopy (TEM)-based investigation of nickel silicide (NiSi) thin films grown on silicon. Nickel silicide is currently used as the CMOS technology standard for local interconnects and in electrical contacts. Films were characterized with a range of TEM-based techniques along with glancing angle(More)
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