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Reports from various centres have shown that drug overdose is an increasing medical problem (Ghodse, 1977, Holding et al 1977). The number of patients presenting at the Casualty Department of the Royal Victoria Hospital with drug overdose has been recorded over the past four years for the information of the Northern Ireland Liaison Committee on the Misuse(More)
This edited book provides a very useful series of chapters relating to the development of arterial and heart disease in diabetics. Atherosclerosis is widely recognised to be the major killer in Type I and Type II diabetic patients, but there are few comprehensive reviews of the background data and this book fills a niche. Robert Stout has been joined by(More)
This small book contains an almost totally comprehensive review of modern imaging techniques in endocrinology. The editors point out in their foreword that the chapter on parathyroid disorders is sadly missing due to death of the planned contributor. The inclusion of a chapter on techniques for the measurement of bone mineral is particularly relevant at(More)
This book deals with all aspects of human immuno-deficiency virus infection and the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It includes chapters describing the human immuno-deficiency in detail, clinical features of HIV infection of various systems and opportunistic infections which occur in patients rendered immuno-deficient. It also includes useful chapters(More)
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