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The prognosis for 115 rheumatic fever patients subsequently receiving regular intramuscular penicillin prophylaxis for at least 5 years was studied. Average follow-up was 9.3 years, and 57 patients were followed for 10 years or longer. Of the 79 patients with acute mitral regurgitation, 70% lost their murmur from 4 days to 8.5 years after it was first(More)
We evaluated an automated dry-slide enzymatic method involving creatinine iminohydrolase for measurement of creatinine in serum with the Kodak Ektachem analyzer. The means (and SD) for three commercially available quality-control sera, analyzed during eight weeks, were 9.7 (1.0), 16.6 (0.9), and 61 (2.1) mg/L. The regression equation for 105 samples(More)
We describe an enzymic method for conveniently measuring citrate in serum or urine. Interfering enzyme proteins are removed by a disposable ultrafilter ("Ultrafree"; Worthington Diagnostics), obviating the need for hazardous protein precipitants. A 50 mmol/L Tris buffer adequately controls pH, no lactate dehydrogenase is necessary in the reagents, and the(More)
In this retrospective study, we reviewed the records of patients who had coarctectomies at the University of Virginia Hospital after 1 year of age. Follow-up data for 5 years or more after surgery were available for 52 patients. Data from 23 similar patients from the Medical College of Virginia brought the total postoperative sample size to 75. The blood(More)
The short- and long-term results of effective surgical repair of coarctation of the aorta on left ventricular mass and function in 48 patients were evaluated using echocardiography and stress-gated radionuclide angiography. Thirty-two of the 48 patients who had no additional cardiac problems and had technically adequate radionuclide angiograms form the(More)
A 4-year-old child is described who suffered an unsuspected myocardial contusion which led to the formation of a ventricular aneurysm 2 months after an automobile accident. Electrocardiography, thallium scanning, myocardial enzyme assays, two-dimensional echocardiography and, when indicated, cardiac catheterization, may aid in the early diagnosis of cardiac(More)
As we continue to pursue the illusive goal of a paperless society, we are increasingly digitizing our documents, and despite increases in computer speeds and capacities, the requirement for data compression is still paramount. The JBIG2 standard is the latest international bi-level image compression standard, and the first that supports lossy coding. A(More)