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The element chemistry of biogenic carbonates can provide important data on past environments. However, the Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca ratios as well as the Mg and Sr concentrations of biological carbonates, especially aragonitic bivalves often depart from apparent thermodynamic equilibrium. When measured in situ by means of LA-ICP-MS, the Mg concentration is often(More)
We study the impact of dynamical correlations on the electronic structure and coherent transport properties of Cu nanocontacts hosting a single magnetic impurity (Ni, Co, Fe) in the contact region. The strong dynamical correlations of the impurity 3d electrons are fully taken into account by combining density-functional calculations with a dynamical(More)
We have studied the effect of dynamical correlations on the electronic structure of single Co adatoms on graphene monolayers with a recently developed method for nanoscopic materials that combines density-functional calculations with a fully dynamical treatment of the strongly interacting 3d electrons. The coupling of the Co 3d shell to the graphene(More)
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