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Repeated studies have shown that both animals and man have a decreased resistance to infections of various kinds when suffering from vitamin deficiencies. Apparently this may be true for each of the better known vitamins. On the other hand, it has not been shown by adequately controlled experiments that the addition of any of the vitamins to a reasonably(More)
A simple performance test was developed and used to evaluate a sample of psychiatric geriatric patients on their capacity for self-care. Evaluations were made by asking the patient to demonstrate certain essential activities of daily living. The objective test, compared with patients' subjective reports, was found to be a more valid measuring instrument of(More)
In a cross-national comparison of the frequency of occurrence of various diagnoses among elderly psychiatric patients admitted to public mental hospitals in London and New York, a short battery of psychological tests was administered to all patients independently of psychiatric examination. The psychological assessment was focused on the differentiation(More)
ASCORBIC ACID AND THE COMMON COLD SIR,—Most of the earlier reports 1,2 claiming that supplementary ascorbic acid has little or no effect on the incidence and severity of the common cold have been based on dosages of the order of 200 mg. per day. Pauling 3 lately publicised other work which indicated that higher intakes of ascorbic acid might be beneficial(More)