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Motile spermatozoa from the golden hamster have been arrested by rapid freezing and then fixed with glutaraldehyde at low temperature after substitution with ethylene glycol. As far as can be judged, the flagellar waveforms thus stabilized are similar to those seen in living sperm; in contrast, fixation in glutaraldehyde, without prior freezing, induces(More)
Axonemal dyneins occur in two rows (as inner and outer arms) on each of the nine doublets. Axonemal dynein binds reversibly to the B-microtubule and has an ATP-insensitive anchorage to the A-microtubule of the adjacent doublet. The heavy chains have the form of globular heads and are responsible for chemo-mechanical transduction. The B-tubule-binding site(More)
The purpose of this secondary data analysis from two different samples was to examine the effect of early supplementation with manufactured milks on breastfeeding status at 20 weeks postpartum in mothers of healthy term infants. In two convenience samples of 120 and 223, respectively, breastfeeding mothers were followed up for 20 weeks postpartum or until(More)
OBJECTIVE Our prespecified dose-response analyses of A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial (AVERT) aim to provide practical guidance for clinicians on the timing, frequency, and amount of mobilization following acute stroke. METHODS Eligible patients were aged ≥18 years, had confirmed first (or recurrent) stroke, and were admitted to a stroke unit within 24(More)
The properties of the phosphatidylcholine (PC) transfer reaction catalyzed by the yeast phospholipid transfer protein (TP-I) were examined in vitro. Donor and acceptor membranes consisted of unilamellar (ULV) and multilamellar (MLV) vesicles, respectively. The phospholipid composition of the membranes participating in the transfer reaction, and in(More)
In vivo specific nuclear binding of [2, 4, 6, 7 (n)-3H]estradiol (3H-E2) as indicated by diethylstilbestrol (DES)-blockable radioactivity, was measured 1 h after injection in adult intact male, untreated and testosterone propionate (TP)-pretreated or 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-pretreated gonadectomized (GDX) male and female rats. There was no sex(More)
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