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Maternal uniparental disomy for the complete long arm of chromosome 14 has been reported in 14 patients to date and is associated with a specific pattern of malformation. We report a child with clinical features of this syndrome who exhibits maternal uniparental disomy confined to a specific interstitial segment of chromosome 14.
The technique of percutaneous balloon compression for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia is demonstrated by using embedded audiovisual kernels. A text-based description with linked images is also provided to accomodate varying computer hardware capabilities. A new needle system for guiding the balloon catheter to the entrance of Meckel's cave and a balloon(More)
  • D Sabol
  • 1995
A pre-employment screening inventory was incorporated into the selection process for a 6-month period. The interview is the most commonly used method for selection of employees. This method, even when well structured, often relies solely on the intuitive skills of the interviewer. The use of a pre-employment screening inventory can provide standardized and(More)
Regression equations for the calculation of intraocular lens power are popular. Because some of the variables in cataract surgery are surgeon-specific, every surgeon should ideally have a personalized formula. We have developed software enabling those with access to IBM-compatible microcomputers to develop equations based on their own data.
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