DL. Schneider

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Twenty sessions of biofeedback training were carried out with 12 drug-resistant patients with focal epilepsy who learned to produce either negative or positive shifts of their slow cortical potentials (SCPs) at vertex. Feedback trials were interspersed with transfer trials in which only a discriminative stimulus (signalizing whether positivity or negativity(More)
Sixteen patients with partial epilepsy learned to produce positive or negative slow cortical potential shifts in a biofeedback condition during 20 consecutive training sessions. Visual ERPs to the presentation of the feedback and the discriminative stimulus were recorded at vertex. Regardless of the subjects' task (positivity versus negativity), amplitudes(More)
Continuous-wave Doppler sonography of uteroplacental vessels and the umbilical artery was used as an additive method in the management of risk pregnancies. Its major advantage lies in permitting noninvasive access to placental perfusion. In a sample of 650 singleton pregnancies considered at risk, flow patterns of the right and left uterine and arcuate(More)
To evaluate the frequency of abnormal doppler results in pregnancies complicated by placental insufficiency, flow waveforms of 100 patients with documented intrauterine growth retardation--birthweight below the 10th percentile--were analysed. Uterine, arcuate and umbilical artery velocimetry were performed by means of a continuous wave Doppler ultrasound.(More)
The primary purpose of this study was to examine the metabolic and cardiorespiratory responses to the continuous performance of Wing Chun and T'ai Chi Chuan exercise. No significant differences in VO2max or HRmax obtained during treadmill exercise were found between the practitioners of the two styles. Average values for oxygen uptake (VO2) were 23.3 +/-(More)
In children, long-term use of ghicocorticoids induces severe grox~th derangements, delayed hone maturation and bone fragility fractures. This study was designed to investigate the effect of chronic steroid therapy on bone mass and bone mass gain in children. Two groups of children were studied: (1). 46 successfully kidney-transplnnted children (TX) (5-17(More)
ABILITY TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THOSE WITH AND WITHOUT HRT ' CL Benhez, DL.Schneider. Depamnent of Medicine. University of California, San Diego, USA Aim: to evaluate the ability of ultrasound (US) at hand phalanges to discriminate among normal, osteopenic and osteoporotic subjects and between those with Hot,one Replacement Therapy (HRT) and those without.(More)
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