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The Kvbeta1.3 subunit confers a voltage-dependent, partial inactivation (time constant = 5.76 +/- 0.14 ms at +50 mV), an enhanced slow inactivation, a hyperpolarizing shift in the activation midpoint, and an increase in the deactivation time constant of the Kv1.5 delayed rectifier. Removal of the first 10 amino acids from Kvbeta1.3 eliminated the effects on(More)
The Kv1.5 K(+) channel is functionally altered by coassembly with the Kvbeta1.3 subunit, which induces fast inactivation and a hyperpolarizing shift in the activation curve. Here we examine kinase regulation of Kv1.5/Kvbeta1.3 interaction after coexpression in human embryonic kidney 293 cells. The protein kinase C inhibitor calphostin C (3 microM) removed(More)
The increased availability of next generation sequencing (NGS) and multi gene panel testing has resulted in more frequent TP53 testing of families that do not meet classic testing criteria. We investigated testing criteria, family history and result outcome in a cohort of Irish probands undergoing TP53 full sequencing. All TP53 test requests processed(More)
Genetic testing of an Irish kindred identified an exonic nucleotide substitution c.1664T>C (p.Leu555Pro) in the MLH1 mismatch repair (MMR) gene. This previously unreported variant is classified as a “variant of uncertain significance” (VUS). Immunohistochemical (IHC) analysis and microsatellite instability (MSI) studies, genetic testing, a literature and(More)