DJ Carson

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The oestrogen receptor (ER) is considered to be an essential component of the mechanism of response of a breast tumour to endocrine therapy, but ER measurements have proved to have only modest predictive value. In the present study, we have examined ER status by both immunocytochemical assay (ER-ICA) on a fine needle aspirate and by radioligand-binding(More)
Krabbe's disease or globoid cell leukodystrophy is a rare demyelinating disorder of the central and peripheral nervous systems, the diagnosis of which is based on clinical findings and the determination of low to absent functional activity of the enzyme beta-galactocerebrosidase. We report the presentation of late-onset Krabbe's disease in 2 siblings, a(More)
People with Cystic Fibrosis have a high risk of MRSA infection. Prevalence has increased from 7% of patients in 2001 to 17.2% of patients in 2005 in the USA (1). It is unclear whether MRSA respiratory infection influences lung function, which antibiotics (if any) should be used to treat MRSA infection and for how long. This study investigates the prevalence(More)
PROGRAMME: Friday 8 th May 6.30pm-Welcome – President: Dr Denis Carson 6.35pm-7.00pm Presented Abstract 1 7.00pm-8.00pm Guest speaker: Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of hyperinsulaemic, Introduction: A protocol exists for the collection of samples to investigate non-diabetic hypoglycaemia, termed the " hypopack ". These packs are kept in(More)
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