DG Santhosh Kumar

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Stem cell biology has played a pivotal role in the field of disease modeling, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering. The scope of stem cell research has been further extended to address the issues associated with toxicity and biosafety. However, its role in the field of neurotoxicity (NT) and the emerging field of developmental neurotoxicity (DNT)(More)
The profound significance of autophagy as a cell survival mechanism under conditions of metabolic stress is a well-proven fact. Nearly a decade-long research in this area has led scientists to unearth various roles played by autophagy other than just being an auto cell death mechanism. It is implicated as a vital cell survival pathway for clearance of all(More)
A phyllodes tumour of the breast converting to fibrosarcoma of the breast is a rare entity. Prognosis of fibrosarcoma of the breast is poor and the role of various treatment modalities is not clearly defined due to the rarity of the disease. One such case, which was treated successfully with a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, is(More)
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