DG Murray

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A new computerized test for visual neglect and extinction was developed and evaluated by testing twenty-five patients with right-hemisphere cerebrovascular accidents. The test consisted of a series of unilateral or bilateral lights on a semicircular array to which the subject responded by pushing a button. A computer controlled the sequence of stimuli and(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency laparotomy is a common intra-abdominal procedure. Outcomes are generally recognized to be poor, but there is a paucity of hard UK data, and reports have mainly been confined to single-centre studies. METHODS Clinicians were invited to join an 'Emergency Laparotomy Network' and to collect prospective non-risk-adjusted outcome data from(More)
Fatigue has been implicated in the occurrence of critical incidents. Using a driving simulator to assess vigilance, we investigated the effect of sleep disruption on the ability of anaesthetists to maintain vigilance after a night on-call. Following an undisturbed night of sleep, subjects demonstrated a significant improvement in their vigilance scores.(More)
Some bone fractures do not heal or heal very slowly with prolonged pain and disability and require multiple surgeries. Some potential solutions to this problem grew out of early research on the small electrical currents associated with bone injuries and the reshaping process that is part of the healing and the skeleton's adaptation to changes in loading(More)
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