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Make more knowledge even in less time every day. You may not always spend your time and money to go abroad and get the experience and knowledge by yourself. Reading is a good alternative to do in getting this desirable knowledge and experience. You may gain many things from experiencing directly, but of course it will spend much money. So here, by reading(More)
The buildings in which customers receive services are inherently part of the service experience. Given the high stress of illness, healthcare facility designs are especially likely to have a meaningful impact on customers. In the past, a handful of visionary "healing environments" such as the Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University in(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a guideline to help guide healthcare professionals participate effectively in the design, construction, and occupancy of a new or renovated intensive care unit. PARTICIPANTS A group of multidisciplinary professionals, designers, and architects with expertise in critical care, under the direction of the American College of Critical(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy and the incidence of clinically significant adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in paediatric patients receiving continuous intravenous morphine infusions for acute postoperative pain. Definitions were established for ADRs and data were collected in an immediately retrospective fashion for a maximum of 72 h in 110(More)
A new design of tracheal tube cuff, the pressure-limited cuff, used with a constant-pressure inflation system, was compared with a high-volume low-pressure cuffed tracheal tube for leakage of dye placed in the subglottic space into the trachea. Patients requiring ventilation on the intensive care unit were randomly allocated into two groups, one for each(More)
The acute airway response to smoking a single cigarette was assessed in eight symptom-free male smokers. The changes in airway function were determined using a computer analysis of maximal and partial expiratory flow volume curves together with measurement of airway resistance. The amount of smoke inhaled was assessed by measuring levels of nicotine in(More)
Healthcare organizations face continuous and accelerating external change and thus must be prepared to manage their own change initiatives proactively. Given that many believe that the U.S. healthcare system is broken and most healthcare organizations are dealing with pervasive problems, some organizations may choose to seek transformational change to(More)
We present experimental confirmation of the predicted improved depth-discrimination properties of confocal microscopy in which detail outside the focal plane is rejected from the image. This optical sectioning is of direct importance to the microscopy of thick biological tissue. It is shown that detail that is imaged efficiently in a confocal microscope(More)