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OBJECTIVE Characteristics of patients receiving antidepressant therapy were examined to identify factors that may be associated with a medical-offset effect. METHOD In a retrospective study, the authors analyzed claims data from a large health insurer in New England. The study subjects included 1,661 persons initiating treatment for depression with(More)
The high prevalence of smoking among individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia is well recognized and documented. Many explanations have been put forth to explain this phenomenon including the effects of antipsychotic medication. We sought to determine if there is a difference in smoking behaviour between patients treated with clozapine and depot(More)
In this paper, we present a systematic review of the literature on current issues in the economics of depression management, focusing on studies within three distinct areas of interest: 1) the clinical and economic outcomes of alternative patterns of antidepressant use; 2) the impact of depression and antidepressant therapy on the costs of general(More)
A group of 16 psychiatric out-patients in remission, who had been taking lithium carbonate as their sole medication for at least three months, were compared with a control group of 22 healthy volunteers. On a computerised driving simulator which produced measures of reaction time, tracking ability and mistakes made, the patient group had a significantly(More)
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