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Apples and other fruits are frequently cultivated in gardens and are part of our daily diet. Uptake of pollutants into apples may therefore contribute to the human daily intake of toxic substances. In current risk assessment of polluted soils, regressions or models are in use, which were not intended to be used for tree fruits. A simple model for uptake of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Computed tomography is now routinely used in many hospitals to investigate cerebrovascular disease. The purpose of our prospective study was to determine whether cranial computed tomography in connection with neurological assessment was useful in prognostic evaluation of survival after acute stroke. METHODS Two-hundred forty-five(More)
Fifty-nine patients with severe urinary tract infections were treated with either cefotaxime or ampicillin plus netilmicin in a controlled, open randomised study of the clinical and bacteriological effects. The patients responded favourably in both groups. The minimum inhibitory concentrations of cefotaxime against the isolates from blood were low for all(More)
A prospective study of 252 patients (average age 73, range 26-95) admitted to a regional general hospital over a 12-month period was carried out. 241 patients had stroke verified by the initial neurological examination and CT scan, and of these baseline data were not available on 27%. 34% died before or were not willing or able to provide data at follow-up.(More)
In 231 patients with primary operable breast cancer bone scintigraphies were performed yearly from the second to the 6th year until recurrence irrespective of localization was diagnosed, another cancer was detected, or the patient refused further follow-up or died. During the observation period (from 2 up to 7 years after surgery) 13 patients (5.6%) had(More)
One-hundred and fifteen consecutive patients with breast cancer were examined for hepatitis B. All the patients received adjuvant chemotherapy. The median age was 46 years (range 26-54 years). None of the patients were found to be HBsAg-positive. The prevalence of HbsAg was within the limits of 0-0.026 (95% confidence interval). Vaccination of patients(More)
Visualization of ventricular walls with true global motion and myocardial thickening is not possible with use of present scintigraphic techniques. When thallium 201 (201TI) is injected intravenously (IV), only about 5% reaches the myocardium. However, if 201TI is injected intracoronarily, 100% reaches, and approximately 88% localizes in, the myocardium,(More)
The effect of glucagon administered as a bolus (1 mg) followed by a continuous infusion (2 mg/h) for 8 h and a placebo was compared in 37 adults with urographically demonstrated ureteral calculi less than 6 mm. The bolus injection was given 20 min after start of intravenous urography, and the infusion was initiated immediately afterwards. No effect on pain(More)
In a phase II study, 19 patients with previously treated, advanced breast cancer received 50 mg/m2 teniposide (VM-26) i.v. on days 1-5 every 3 weeks. One partial response (PR) (5%) was observed. Toxicity consisting of leukopenia and thrombocytopenia was frequent and severe. VM-26 has minimal therapeutic activity when given at this dose and on this schedule(More)