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The kinetics of digoxin have been investigated in healthy volunteers using an isotopic tracer technique. A three compartment open kinetic model has been proposed as the simplest model consistent with the plasma, urinary and faecal data obtained. The renal clearance of digoxin (mean +/- s.d.) was found to be 119+/-10 ml/min, which did not differ(More)
Sumatriptan, a 5-HT1 receptor agonist active for the acute treatment of migraine, is currently available as subcutaneous injection and oral tablets. Rectal or intranasal formulations may offer advantages over those marketed. This study compared the pharmacokinetics of sumatriptan via all four routes. Usual absorption parameters were described and the rate(More)
In March 1979 the Greater Glasgow Health Board launched a campaign to reduce the high prevalence of rickets in Asian children in the city. A precampaign survey had shown that voluntary low dose vitamin D supplementation would reduce the prevalence of rickets in Asian children. A survey carried out two and three years after the launch of the official(More)
Use of drugs during pregnancy was recorded prospectively in 2765 women attending the antenatal clinics of a general hospital from October 1982 to March 1984. Of these women, 2588 (93.6%) avoided exposure to drugs during the first trimester, 1802 (65.2%) took no drugs at any stage, 963 (34.8%) took a total of 154 different drugs from 35 groups of drugs, and(More)
1. The relationship between fall in systolic blood pressure and initial systolic blood pressure has been investigated in 255 mixed normotensive and hypertensive subjects given placebo or one of five types of antihypertensive drug (ACE inhibitors, calcium antagonists, direct vasodilators, alpha-adrenoceptor blocker, beta-adrenoceptor blocker). 2. In all(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine patient acceptability of cold coagulation and laser treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). DESIGN A prospective study with alternate allocation. SETTING Teaching hospital in London. SUBJECTS 155 women requiring treatment for CIN. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Time taken to complete the treatment; visual analogue(More)