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We examined a family in which two brothers with identical HLA typing have pars planitis with snowbanking. Immunopathological studies of one of their eyes showed that in the area of snowbanking over the pars plana there was mild to moderate inflammatory cell infiltration, consisting of mostly Pan T (Leu 4+) lymphocytes. The ratio of T helper/inducer to T(More)
Photic retinal injuries have been described after surgical exposure to the intense illumination systems of operating microscopes. The overall incidence of such injuries has been postulated at less than 10%. The authors prospectively studied 43 consecutive patients to determine the incidence of photic macular injuries during cataract surgery. Patients(More)
Choroidal neovascularization is rare in the pediatric population. It has been associated in this age group with a variety of conditions. Increasing ability to treat these neovascular lesions with laser photocoagulation makes early recognition very important for visual preservation. An overview is presented, including an updated list of conditions associated(More)
One hundred three consecutive patients with ocular trauma who were not candidates for conventional ocular surgical treatment were treated with vitreous surgical techniques. Follow-up of the patients from 12 to 60 months following vitreous surgery, with an average follow-up of 22 months. Data concerning the timing of vitreous surgery following injury, the(More)