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A liquid concentrate formulation of amitraz was clinically evaluated in 1721 canines showing demodicosis, by 25 veterinary investigators. The therapy was applied topically at 14-day intervals, and at a concentration of 250 ppm active drug in water. The miticide was efficacious and safe; approximately 99% of the canines showing localized or generalized(More)
USING A mod-p version of the lower central series one of us recently [lo] constructed a mod-p version of the spectral sequence of one of the others [3] and showed that for every topological space X there exists a spectral sequence {E’X, d’X) with the following properties: (i) E’X depends only on H,(X; Z,), (ii) for simply connected X the spectral sequence(More)
Electrochemical data were acquired for several categories of anthelmintic agents, namely, iminium-type ions, metal derivatives and chelators, quinones and iminoquinones, and nitroheterocycles. Reductions usually were in the favorable range of +0.2 to -0.7 V versus normal hydrogen electrode. The drug effect is believed to result in part from either the(More)
A topical formulation of amitraz (Mitaban Liquid Concentrate, The Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.) was evaluated as a tick repellent and detachment agent, and flea repellent. The diluted liquid concentrate (250 p.p.m. active drug) was topically applied as a single treatment to dogs; the concentration was identical to the rate recommended for(More)
Forty dogs (20 treated, 20 controls) were utilized to evaluate a new treatment for naturally acquired canine scabies. A liquid concentrate formulation of amitraz was diluted and applied as a sponge-on therapy. Ninety-four percent of the dogs treated with the scabicide were cleared of mites and returned to clinical normality with a single topical treatment;(More)
Fifty-two dogs naturally parasitized with Demodex canis and having the generalized form of the disease were utilized to evaluate the efficacy and safety of single or multiple topical treatments with a liquid concentrate formulation of amitraz. Ten dogs (5 treated, 5 controls) were utilized to evaluate a single treatment. A single topical treatment with the(More)
An investigational drug (2-picoline, 6-amino-4-nitro-, 1-oxide) was evaluated to characterize the anti-coccidial spectrum of the compound. Two concentrations of the drug (125 and 250 ppm) were evaluated for bioactivity; weight gain, survival, dropping, and lesion scores were the response variables utilized to ascertain activity. The activities of the(More)
Floor-pen studies were conducted to ascertain whether coccidiosis could be prevented by using a drug added to the litter to preclude coprophagia and ingestion of infective oocysts. An experimental drug (1-pyrrolidinebutyramide, 2-methyl-alpha,alpha-diphenyl) was added to litter contaminated with sporulated Eimeria tenella oocysts. Thereafter 7-day-old(More)
In [2], [3], S. Gersten has introduced higher i£-groups of a ring which satisfy properties analogous to those of a generalized homology theory in a suitably defined homotopy category of rings [ l ] . In this announcement we use Gersten's i£-groups to define for a ring R a generalized cohomology theory KR( ), analogous to the AtiyahHirzebruch i£-theory, on(More)