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The transport of L-leucine, L-phenylalanine and L-alanine by the perfused lactating rat mammary gland has been examined using a rapid, paired-tracer dilution technique. The clearances of all three amino acids by the mammary gland consisted of a rising phase followed by a rapid fall-off, respectively, reflecting influx and efflux of the radiotracers. The(More)
The transport of lysine by the lactating rat mammary gland has been examined to determine whether there is an interaction between cationic and neutral amino acids. Lysine uptake was time dependent and unaffected by replacing Na+ with choline. In the presence of Na+, lysine influx was inhibited by cationic amino acids (arginine, homoarginine, ornithine and(More)
The transport of L-glutamate by lactating rat mammary gland has been examined using both tissue explants and a perfused mammary preparation. L-Glutamate uptake by mammary tissue explants was predominantly via a Na(+)-dependent pathway: Li+, choline+ and NMDG+ could not substitute for Na+. L-Glutamate efflux from preloaded explants was also influenced by the(More)
Amino acid movement across cell membranes is mediated by a variety of transport systems. These pathways have been extensively studied and characterized in a large array of cell types and include both Na+-dependent and Naf-independent carriers. In addition, recent work suggests that channels may also play a role in amino acid transport. The objective of the(More)
Lactose and casein synthesis by rabbit mammary explants in organ culture was inhibited when fractions of goat milk were included in the culture medium. Inhibition was dose-dependent, and readily reversed when milk fractions were removed. The pattern of effects obtained with various fractions of milk indicated that inhibition was caused by a protein of(More)
Inorganic orthophosphate (Pi) transport, using 32P-labelled orthophosphate as tracer, by lactating rat mammary tissue has been examined using both tissue explants and the intact perfused gland. Pi uptake was predominantly via a Na+ -dependent pathway. Li+, however, unlike choline, was able to partially substitute for Na+. In addition, Pi release from tissue(More)
An attempt has been made to study the quantitative relationship between the temperature of the anterior hypothalamic/preoptic (AH/PO) region and heat balance in the conscious ox (Bos taurus) at a thermoneutral air temperature of 20 degrees C. Heat balance was measured by combined gradient-layer and open-circuit calorimetry and AH/PO temperature was(More)
The substrate specificity of the rat mammary tissue high affinity, Na+-dependent anionic amino acid transport system has been investigated using explants and the perfused mammary gland. D-Aspartate appears to be transported via the high affinity, Na+-dependent L-glutamate carrier. Thus, D-aspartate transport by rat mammary tissue was Na+-dependent and(More)
A technique is described for the non-recirculating perfusion of inguinal/abdominal mammary tissue in situ in anaesthetized lactating rats. Tissue viability was maintained, without resort to infusion of vasoactive chemicals which may also be effectors of cellular metabolism, for at least 90 min. Total tissue adenine nucleotides (per mg of DNA) were somewhat(More)