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BACKGROUND The Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation (CTTV - https://www.targetvalidation.org/) was established to generate therapeutic target evidence from genome-scale experiments and analyses. CTTV aims to support the validity of therapeutic targets by integrating existing and newly-generated data. Data integration has been achieved in some resources(More)
The understanding of nitric oxide (NO) signaling has grown substantially since the identification of endothelial derived relaxing factor (EDRF). NO has emerged as a ubiquitous signaling molecule involved in diverse physiological and pathological processes. Perhaps the most significant function, independent of EDRF, is that of NO signaling mediated locally(More)
New sets of parameters (" tunes ") for the underlying-event (UE) modelling of the pythia8, pythia6 and herwig++ Monte Carlo event generators are constructed using different parton distribution functions. Combined fits to CMS UE proton–proton (pp) data at √ s = 7 TeV and to UE proton–antiproton (pp) data from the CDF experiment at lower √ s, are used to(More)
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