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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether the addition of the supine oblique view of the cervical spine can detect fractures or ligamentous injury not seen on the standard three-view examination. DESIGN Radiographs of patients with documented cervical spine injury were reviewed retrospectively by three neuroradiologists. Patients were included in the study if(More)
To determine the efficacy of mammography in the detection of early breast carcinoma at an urban teaching hospital, the results of all breast biopsies performed between 1983 and 1987 that were preceded by mammographic examination were retrospectively reviewed. There were 503 women in this population. Malignancy was detected in 79 cases (15.7%); 21 were in(More)
Fix c : [N] → r, an r-coloring of the pairs of natural numbers. An ordered list of distinct integers, a0, a1, a2 . . . ai−1, ai, ai+1 . . . is a monochromatic path for color k, if, for all i ≥ 1, c({ai−1, ai}) = k. The empty list is considered a path of any color k. Similarly the list of one element, a0, is also considered a path of any color k. For any(More)
Martin-Löf (ML)-reducibility compares K-trivial sets by examining the Martin-Löf random sequences that compute them. We show that every K-trivial set is computable from a c.e. set of the same ML-degree. We investigate the interplay between ML-reducibility and cost functions, which are used to both measure the number of changes in a computable approximation,(More)
A 56-year-old white male physician presented with a 5-year history of recurrent and intermittent hearing loss. The symptoms were predominantly right-sided and were increasing in frequency. Hearing loss was interfering with his ability to perform auscultatory examinations. He was able to temporarily restore hearing with the frequent use of carbamide peroxide(More)
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