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Many classrooms are noisy and this interferes with listening and teaching. FM soundfield (FM) amplification systems have been developed which provide a uniform soundfield throughout the classroom and increase the speech-signal:noise ratio. The effect on comprehension of such a system was investigated. Forty-nine pupils (comprising the two top classes of a(More)
Since the adoption of the Telephonics TDH39 pattern of earphone as the main audiometric earphone in use in Britain and elsewhere, there have been a number of superficial changes in its design. The most significant change was around 1980 when the metal-cased design was replaced by a plastic-cased version: the TDH39P. At that time it was assumed that the new(More)
We discuss the implementation of an O(N) tight-binding molecular dynamics code on the Cray T3D parallel computer. The localisation introduces a sparse nature to the orbital data and Hamiltonian matrix, greatly changing the coding on parallel machines compared to non-localised systems. The data distribution, communication routines and dynamic load-balancing(More)
A simple and rapid screening test which differentiates sickle-cell trait and sickle-cell anaemia is described. The test utilizes 0.1 ml of whole blood and is based on the low solubility of reduced sickle haemoglobin. Results intermediate between the sickle-cell trait and sickle-cell anaemia are obtained in unusual cases of sickle-cell anaemia with high(More)
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