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String Representation for the 't Hooft Loop Average in the Abelian Higgs Model
Making use of the duality transformation, we derive in the Londons' limit of the Abelian Higgs Model string representation for the 't Hooft loop average defined on the string world-sheet, which
Curvature expansion for the background-induced gluodynamics string
Using cumulant expansion for an averaged Wilson loop we derive an action of the gluodynamics string in the form of a series in powers of the correlation length of the vacuum. In the lowest orders it
Fluctuating Strings in the Universal Confining String Theory and Gluodynamics
The effective string theory emerging from the bilocal approximation to the Method of Vacuum Correlators in gluodynamics is shown to be well described by the 4D theory of the massive Abelian
Stochastic loop equations
Stochastic quantization is applied to derivation of the equations for the Wilson loops and generating functionals of the Wilson loops in the large-N limit. These equations are treated both in the
Dynamics of the Universal Confining String Theory on the Loop Space
Starting with the representation of the Wilson average in the Euclidean 4D compact QED as a partition function of the Universal Confining String Theory, we derive for it the corresponding loop
Curvature Expansion for the Gluodynamics String including Perturbative Gluonic Contributions
Perturbation theory in the nonperturbative QCD vacuum and the non-Abelian Stokes theorem, representing a Wilson loop in the SU(2) gluodynamics as an integral over all the orientations in colour
One-Loop Free Energy of the Four-Dimensional Compact QED in the Confining Phase
The one-loop free energy of the four-dimensional compact QED, which is known to be equivalent to the vector Sine-Gordon model, is calculated in the strong coupling regime. In the case, when the norm
't Hooft Loop Average in the Vicinity of the Londons' Limit and the Quartic Cumulant of the Field Strength Tensors
The next-to-leading term in the weight factor of the string representation of the 't Hooft loop average defined on the string world-sheet is found in the Abelian Higgs Model near the Londons' limit.